Lily Vanilli

Lily Vanilli is a cake maker and artist who creates bespoke cake creations from her kitchen off Columbia Rd. The bakery is open as a cafe on Sundays whilst the flower market is running. You can enjoy a coffee with freshly baked bread, brioche, brownies and exotic cakes. Only the second shop (both bakeries) on the map to use Coleman Coffee Roasters. Colemans creates a naturally sweeter syrupy coffee which lends it self well to pairing with delicious baked treats.

Review by Gourmet Lovers

Comments & Tips

Great place for cake and coffee after visiting Columbia Flower Market. Come early to avoid crowds especially on sunny days. Try the red velvet cake with cocnut. - S Marks The Spots

Sausages rolls are insanely good! - Justin

Lily Vanilli – British hip baker based in London – is known for her unconventional designs and her hand-made cake sculptures. - FabbricaPelletterieMilano

Nothing special about the latte or the triple chocolate brownie. The salted caramel popcorn was really good! - Shamsa

WHO doesn't accept credit cards in 2014... Seriously guys, it's not 1914, get with the times! - Rory

Best secret bakery for Columbia market tour - YJ

You need to listen well for your name. Mine occasionally walks off in someone else's hand. But they always make me another one. :) - Kate

Today's loot included mushroom/ cheese toastie and a delightful custard tart topped with a rose made from apple - delicious as always - Louise

Have a tea or a snack before going home with your brand new tree! The mushroom/cheese/leak toast is delicious - Const

Hidden gem just off the Columbia Road - really tasty cakes! - Frau

Nice food but expensive - KC

Great sausage rolls & brownies 🎂 - hello_emily

Sausage rolls & triple chocolate brownies 👌 - James

They dont take debit cards so bring cash! - Joyce

The brownie- just buy all of them!! - K

Delicious muffins - Gi

Awesome cakes! - Gi

Get there quick for a sausage roll. If not...commission a cake! Lily's creations are sensational. - Mareka

Great place, delicious cakes, just make sure you bring some cash with you - Eleanna

Tip for the bakery- smile a little more and invest in some crockery ! - Kaye

Opening hours


8:30am to 4pm


6 The Courtyard

Ezra St

E2 7RG