Sacred Cafe

The flagship Sacred café, the original still retains the charm of a proper kiwi cafe, welcoming and reminiscent of home. The great thing about Sacred is they make sure theres plenty of space for everyone with 2 floors in Ganton Street so you can chill out and escape the mad rush that is London. The menu is what you'd expect from a NZ cafe, fresh flavours, seasonal, modern food. Coffees here is made using their own brand of roasted coffee beans as per a the usual New Zealand standards, most importantly they sell home made lolly cake!

Review by Gourmet Lovers

Comments & Tips

This is my favourite coffee shop in London - great atmosphere, lovely staff. Tea comes in fantastic pots in the shape of houses, and their carrot cake is AMAZING. - Aaron

Nice place to chill out and drink an authentic New Zealand flat white. - Nathan

Great coffee! Sit out in the lane and watch the world go by. - Melissa

Great Flat White - Scott

Best coffee I've tasted in London! - Heather

One the best coffee shops in London, chilled and relaxed early in the morning. Very friendly staff too! - Steve

A really awesome selection of tea, great coffee, and if you want something a bit different but that will still pick you up, try the hot honey, lemon and ginger! - Charlie

Definitely get the £15 for two beers and a cheese platter! Well worth it. - 💎T

A really lovely place with great atmosphere and coffee - but if you order fresh salad make sure they wash it well! - Anastasia

Great coffee and great Kiwi vibe. Love Sacred! - Michael

if you're getting a coffee, do yourself a favour and get a flat white no sugar - Nik

Great coffee & atmosphere. A spot on my to-do list when in London. - Neringa

Hidden at the back of Stanfords travel bookshop. Earthy tasting coffee made using its own Sacred House Roast beans. - Evening Standard

My favourite London cafe: fantastic coffee, free Wi-Fi and a brilliant location just off Carnaby Street. - Tim

Go for the Flat White. Hands down the best coffee I've had in London. - Matt

WiFi password: NewZealand - Theo

Free wifi! Ask for the password when you order. :-) - Chloe

Best coffee in London in my opinion - Cate

Good quality coffee! Amazing sandwiches, a bit expensive :-) - Stelios

The quiche. Always the quiche! - Irfan

Opening hours

Monday to Friday

7:30am to 8pm

Saturday & Sun

10am to 7pm


13 Ganton Street